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ScentBurst™ .68 caliber Pellet Animal Attractant Scent 10 count tube

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ScentBurst™ .68 caliber Pellet  Animal Attractant Scent 10 count tube

Price: $5.99

Scent selection:
Buck Buchanan-"Just Killing Time TV" with bear he shot Using Scentburst:
Ethan Degnaer age 14 2011 Michigan Firearms deer season Buck Lure Scentbusrt helped Ethan bag his first buck!:

ScentBurst™ .68 caliber pellets are animal attractant scents encapsulated in a paintball shell or snip tube, allowing you to throw or shoot it at the ground, trees, or other objects near your hunting location. We have attractant scents that really draw in bear, deer, and other animals. We also offer Coyote Urine scent that chases off rabbits, squirrels, and other undesireable animals.

Since you do not have to walk to the scenting spot, you are not contaminating the area with human scent.
ScentBurst™ is highly effective, easy to use, and does not get on your hands or clothing.
ScentBurst™ is legal where actual baiting is not. It is also a lot lighter, less expensive, saves time from getting actual food bait and having to load and unload it.
ScentBurst™ is available in 10 count .68 caliber pellets packaged in plastic tubes for easy load and protection of the pellet and it is also packaged in bulk 2000 count packaging.

Scents are: Acorn, Anise, Apple, Bear, Buck Lure-(Doe In Heat), Cedar, Corn and Coyote Urine

Choose from single tube, twin pack, or bulk box of 2000 round.

•Shoot using Slingshot
•Stomp with your boots
•Time-release on the ground
•Fire from a paintball gun
•Attracts deer or turkey
•Masks human odor
•Easy to use
•It Works
Check out the .68 caliber pellet guns Nelson Paint stocks! Choose the T-68 Semi-Automatic Pistol or the Arrow Precision Inferno Pistol. These guns are located in our Projectile section under Paintball Marking Guns.

Above the photo of Buck Buchanan of Just Killing Time TV with the bear he was able to lure in and shoot using Scentburst. Here is his tale:

Here's a picture of the bear I shot in Maine last week. I used some of the bear attractant scent burst pellets and the outfitter even borrowed a couple one day while he was checking his bait sights. The bear weighed 280 lbs shot with my bow. It may be a record book bear for the state of Maine. I also had the outfitter we hunt with in Saskachewan, Canada ask me about them. He may want to get some for in his camp to offer to his hunters. He uses deer scent and bear scent. He was asking if you had any moose scent. I told him at this time I didn't think you offered that. Again just wanted to send you the picture and I mentioned the scent burst pellets on the video and showed myself using the sling shot shooting the pellets at the bait site.

Ethan Degenar age 14 was hunting with his father Tony on the family farm in Vulcan, Michigan (2011) and used Scentburst Buck Lure and no food bait whatsoever. They saw nothing the first day but on day two and a second pellet later, he bagged his first buck! This stuff works!

Do you have a true story using Scentburst we'd love a picture and your story! E-mail, or